Featured Readers

L to R: Mike McCoy, Steve Duda, Jason Rolfe, Jon Tobey

Writers on the Fly #1 | January 8, 2015

Steve Duda | Editor, The Flyfish Journal 

Jon Tobey | Go Into The Light 

Mike McCoy | Fishing Guide, poet


Writers on the Fly #2 | February 12, 2015

Dylan Tomine | Author of Closer To The Ground 

Kate Taylor | Fishing Guide and Writer, Rogue Angel 

Alex Collier | Three Weight


Writers on the Fly #3 | March 12, 2015

Martha Silano | Poet, author of Reckless Lovely 

Langdon Cook | Author of The Mushroom Hunters

Jason Rolfe

Writers on the Fly 04 | May 14, 2015

Cameron K. Scott | Poet, Fishing Guide, Author of The Book of Ocho and The Book of Cold Mountain.

Cameron Chambers | Fishing guide, author of Chasing Rumor out June 2015 from Patagonia Books.


Writers on the Fly #5 | June 11, 2015

Chris Santella | Author of The Tug is the Drug; Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die.

Sam Lungren | Editor of Backcountry Journal; contributor to The Drake, The Flyfish Journal, and others.

Catie Webster | Writer, Flyfisher, TEDxBoulder Presenter


Writers on the Fly #6 | November 2015

John Larison | Author of The Complete Steelheader, Holding Lies .

Cameron K Scott | Poet, author of The Book of Ocho.

Dylan Tomine | Author of Closer to the Ground. 


Writers on the Fly #7 | February 11, 2016

Mark Hieronymus| Writer, fishing guide, conservationist with TU Alaska Program.

Alan Pilkington | Author of Rivers of my Memory, American Serengeti.


Writers on the Fly #8 | April 14, 2016

Michael Doherty | Doctor, Writer, winner of the Robert Traver Fly Fishing Fiction award in 2008 and 2011.

Eden Greer | Musician and writer.

Gordy Linse


Writers on the Fly 09 | May 19, 2016

Steve Duda | Editor of The Flyfish Journal

Nathaniel Rivershorse Nakadate | 

Jason Rolfe

Emma Yardley |