As Mark likes to say, "Humpies pay the bills."

As Mark likes to say, "Humpies pay the bills."

Writers on the Fly 7 | February 11, 2016

FREE | 7pm | Emerald Water Anglers in Seattle, WA

Come on out as Writers on the Fly returns to the place where it all started a year ago! We're back at Emerald Water Anglers in West Seattle with new readers, new art, and even a short film! As always, there will be beer, door prizes from the likes of EWA and The Flyfish Journal, and good old fashioned fun. We hope to see you there!

Featured Readers

Mark Hieronymus | "I have been fishing for over 40 years, and fly fishing for the greater part of that. I grew up fishing in WA when steelhead and salmon were abundant enough that an adventurous suburban Seattle kid with a Metro bus pass and a pint jar of some gooey egg clusters could get into some of the better fishing available in the Puget Sound basin. I moved to Alaska in 1995, and other than a 4-year stint in Sitka getting my BS in Fisheries Science / Aquaculture, I have called the Juneau area my home. In the winter I work for Trout Unlimited, Alaska Program as the Sportfish Outreach Coordinator for Southeast Alaska, educating and informing the sportfishing diaspora about conservation issues in the Tongass National Forest, otherwise known as “America's Salmon Forest”. My wife Christine and I bought our house on Douglas Island near a small anadromous stream 14 years ago, and I have been terrorizing the neighborhood populations of salmon and char ever since."

Alan Pilkington | Alan Pilkington is an ageing fly fisherman who for years has needed reading glasses to tie flies as well as to tie them to his leaders. An Australian by birth, he has fished around a bit – Oz, New Zealand, Patagonia, The Caribbean, The US from Alaska to Florida, Canada, Iceland and England. He will read from Rivers of My Memory, a collection of his poems and short stories about the rivers that have flowed through his life, and from Four of Diamonds, a novel set in Australia. Aside from any fish that will take a fly, he hunts game birds with a 16 gauge, a Brittany and a Labrador, and bigger game with a recurve bow.

Featured Artist

Jake Keeler | | Jake's work, recently featured in The Flyfish Journal 7.2, combines the tangible with the ephemeral. Many of his works, done in mixed media on wood, ask to be touched, felt, to have fingers run along the wood grain. And yet, dealing as they do in "ghosts, dragons, and other mythical things, they provide a window into another world, or a nether world. From Jake's website: "Hailing from Minnesota, I enjoy making art, fly-fishing, listening to metal and above all, hanging with my family and close friends. My work is a result of formal art education, combined with experiences and activities in various counter cultures. The drive to make art is natural, as is the drive to spend time on lakes, oceans and in rivers; I’m just trying to share those high frequencies."

Featured Non-Profit

Trout Unlimited, Southeast Alaska | Tongass National Forest program