Writers on the Fly - A Fly Fishing Reading Series


Begun in January 2015, Writers on the Fly is a reading series featuring some of the finest writers in fly fishing, both old voices and new. 


The readings

Each reading follows a simple template: three or four featured readers, along with a featured artist and a featured non-profit. The goal is straightforward: to showcase the best writing being done about fly fishing today, bring exposure to artists taking fly fishing as their subject, and highlight the work of non-profit organizations whose mission is in some way tied to the sport. 

Writers on the Fly is real—when you get to listen to and see these authors read their stories, it’s powerful.
— Bobby Foster, Fly fishing guide and videographer

Upcoming Events

Photo: Copi Vojta

Photo: Copi Vojta


Past Readers, Artists, and Non-profits

  • Steve Duda, writer, editor of The Flyfish Journal.
  • Jon Tobey, writer, www.gointothelight.wordpress.com.
  • Mike McCoy, fly fishing guide, writer.
  • Dylan Tomine, author of Closer to the Ground.
  • Kate Taylor, writer, fishing guide.
  • Alex Collier, fishing guide, www.threeweight.wordpress.com.
  • Martha Silano, poet, author of Reckless Lovely from Saturnalia Books.
  • Dead Weight Fly, artist Ryan Sharpe.
  • Bad Axe Design, artist Jonathan Marquardt.
  • Wild Steelhead Coalition, non-profit conservation organizaiton.
  • Fly Fishing Collaborative, non-profit human rights organization.
  • John Larison, writer and fly fishing guide.