Writers on the Fly at Filson Seattle - June 29th at 6 pm

After a bit of a break, Writers on the Fly will be back for a special reading event at Filson's flagship store in downtown Seattle on June 29th. We're pleased to welcome some fresh voices to the series this time around, as well as some past readers sharing new (and newly published!) work. 

Langdon Cook will be familiar to those who attended last fall's Cascadia Tour at Emerald Water Anglers in West Seattle. Cook's story of fishing with his young son was a roller-coaster ordeal, read with his characteristic storytelling prowess. His newly published book, Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon, from River to Table is a thoughtful look into the history and current state of the Northwest's iconic fish.  

Gregory Fitz is a lifelong midwesterner recently transplanted to the PNW. His fishing writing has appeared in The Fly Fish Journal, The Drake, This is Fly, Swing the Fly and the Mend Provision blog. Also, check out his sweet art.

Paul Moinester works hard. He's a tireless advocate for wild fish conservation and restoration through his work for Keep 'Em Wet, the Wild Steelhead Coalition, and more recently Our Sound, Our Salmon. His fly fishing and conservation writing has been published in The Flyfish Journal, and he is one-half of the mad duo responsible for shenanigan curation at the Moldy Chum

The inimitable Copi Vojta is probably best known for his work as photography editor of The Flyfish Journal, as well as his own photography. Much of his work can be found at IllCentrifugal. The great thing about Copi is that he is a wonderful writer as well, and you'll have the chance to hear his work in person at Filson. 

In addition to the storytellers above, the WOTF pop-up photo exhibit will be on display, curated by Copi Vojta himself. Enjoy a few images by some of the Northwest's best photographers, and pick up a framed piece or print for one of your own walls. 

The good folks at Filson Flagship will be providing food and refreshments for the evening. As is almost always the case, the event is free, the goal is to have fun, and the stories are guaranteed to be funny, sad, or some combination of the two. We hope to see you there.