Episode 23—The Cascadia Tour 2016 | Portland

In this abbreviated version of the 2016 Cascadia Tour stop in Portland, Oregon, we hear from author Cameron Chambers and writer/guide/badass Kate Taylor. 

Cameron is the author of the book Chasing Rumor: A Season Fly Fishing In Patagonia, published in 2015 by Patagonia Books.  

Kate Taylor owns and operates Frigate Travel, with her husband Justin Crump. Kate and Justin chase the season each year, guiding in Oregon, Alaska, Baja, and beyond. Her pieces featured in this episode were originally published in The Flyfish Journal.

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Music by: Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate. 

Episode 22—The Cascadia Tour 2016: Bend

In today's episode, we're going back to the early days of Writers on the Fly, with a reading in Bend, Oregon, that started off the first ever Cascadia Tour. This reading happened on November 1, 2016, and featured a handful of great writers and featured photographers as well. 

Among the readers in this episode, you'll likely recognize a few familiar voices. Both Amanda Monthei and Steve Duda have been featured on The Fly Tapes previously, so if you'd like to learn more about them, check out their episodes!

New to the podcast today we've got: Copi Vojta, who happens to be the photography editor of The Flyfish Journal, but also a solid writer in his own right. He reads a piece called This Is Us, which was featured in the Journal a while back. 

Following Copi you'll hear from Paul Moinester. Paul is part of the braintrust behind the #KeepEmWet campaign, which you've likely seen around social media, and is also half of the team behind the always entertaining Moldy Chum

Finally, after the break, we hear from Brett Gaba. Brett is a writer and East Coast transplant, and the editor of Steelheader's Journal. His book about fly fishing Maryland's Chesapeake Bay is a real treat, and worth checking out. 

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Music, as always, by Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate. 

Episode 06—Selected Readings #1

This week's episode starts off with Will Rice reading a piece about close calls with jet boats while searching for steelhead. It's called "Near Death by the Numbers." Will read this piece in Vancouver, British Columbia, during the 2016 Writers on the Fly Cascadia Tour. Will's work has been published in The Drake, The Flyfish Journal, Saltwater Fly Fishing, and Angling Trade. 

Following Will, we've got poet Cameron K. Scott. Cameron has published two poetry collections—The Book of Ocho and The Book of Cold Mountain. Cameron's reading in Portland last year during the 2016 Cascadia Tour is included in its entirety. His work has been published in too many places to name, but you can learn more about him at this website: WriterFish.com

Last, but certainly not least, we've got Alex Collier. An Appalachia native, Alex now lives in Seattle with his wife and their son, Haven, and he works as a fishing guide in the Puget Sound area. This piece, "Just Enough, But Not Too Much," was recently published in The Flyfish Journal. This reading is from the 2017 Cascadia Tour in Seattle. 

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