Episode 05—Greg Fitz

Gregory Fitz is a lifelong midwesterner recently transplanted to the PNW. He doesn’t work in tech and he isn’t a Seahawks fan yet. Minnesotans wear flannel, too, so he might be grunge. 

After years of chasing migratory great lakes fish with two-handed rods, he is now in the process of getting a beatdown on the hallowed natal steelhead and salmon rivers flowing into the Pacific Ocean. It is an exercise in humility.

His fishing writing has appeared in The Fly Fish Journal, The Drake, This is Fly, Swing the Fly and the Mend Provision blog. His art can be seen at www.gregoryfitz.net.

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Music: Singing in the Rain (Instrumental) by David Mumford, from Free Music Archive, under CC BY 4.0.