Episode 10—Amy McMahon / Amanda Monthei

Amy McMahon likes bugs. I mean, she really likes them. When I visited her in Fort Collins, Colorado, I was amazed by her collection of beautifully preserved and displayed butterflies, dragonflies, and even some huge, crazy insect from New Guinea (I think) that someone brought her in a water bottle. 

The great thing about that obsession of Amy's is that she has also translated it into the creation of some of the more striking fly fishing related art you'll see around these days. Her illustrations of aquatic insects, which can be seen at www.amymcmahonillustrations.com, detail the many beautiful and fascinating qualities of the things trout and other fish like to eat. 

Before my conversation with Amy, you'll hear a short reading from Amanda Monthei. Amanda is a writer, skier, fly fisher, and wilderness fire fighter who spends her time chasing her passions all around the Pacific Northwest. 

Today's music comes from the inimitable Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate. 

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