Episode 13—Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson has chased exotic species of fish all around the world, but if you ask him what really gets him stoked, he'll probably start telling you about the trash clean-up/fly fishing clinics he helps organize as part of Pig Farm Ink

As a part of Motiv Fishing, Jay helped to bridge the gap between the worlds of competitive bass fishing and fly fishing, and brought adventure fly fishing to a wider audience with Fish or Die, which aired on Animal Planet. 

When he's not touring around chasing black bass in New Guinea or touring with the Pig Farm crew, you'll find him back home in Loveland, Colorado, working on an organic farm and hatching new plans for how to revolutionize the world fly fishing newbies everywhere. 

Visit www.syzygyflyfishing.com for more info. 

Music by Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate.